So it turns out I’m making an adventure game: Reality Falls revealed!

As I write this it’s been about a month since I properly started work on Reality Falls, but the concept, story and design have been in my head for years. It’s thanks to the joys of Adventure Game Studio, a wonderful, free-to-use engine-in-a-can, that I have finally been able to make something resembling the first-person adventure game I began thinking about while in my first year of university.

Reality Falls is a relatively traditional point-and-click adventure, but I hope for it to be a little bit more narratively interesting than a bulk of the genre. I also hope its puzzles won’t make no bloody sense, and will instead provide some nice pacing to the story you find yourself eagerly clicking through.

But yeah, let’s see. I plan to document the development on this here blog whenever I get a minute, so keep checking back for that. Release date? First half of next year. Could be February, could be June. Who knows? Until then, why not have an about page and a pair of (most likely not final) screenshots? Click them to embiggify.

He's right, you know.

In true AGS tradition, I’ll also be very transparent and give you an exact percentage of how much of everything is complete.

Art: 30%
Sound: 60%
Story: 90%
Puzzles: 80%
Scripting: 30% 

So that’s nice.

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